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Welcome to the Boney Zone!

No, no, no, put an end to the show
I'm going back to the land where the bone-flowers grow
To "the wild, weird clime that lieth, sublime
Out of Space and out of Time"

See the shape, but can't see through
No-one can ever hate me as well as I do
Know when to throw a laugh, know how to force a smile
Whatever the intention, I'm such a "friendly" lie!

Bones at rest in a forest

DOOT DOOT! this is still a work in progress! The flag links below don't work yet! English versions will be available first, then Spanish next, with the other two lagging behind because I'm still a beginner.

English (ENG-US)Spanish (SPA-MX)Tagalog (TGL-PH)French (FRA-CA)
(Last updated 2019.10.07)
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